Terms and Conditions for Agent

1) Here in this agreement 1st party is GREENBACKS MICRO SERVICES FOUNDATION and 2nd party refers to as AGENT.

2) 1st party pledge to provide the commission to the 2nd party that is which the commission amount is mutually agreed upon and reported to 2nd party through 1st party’s official mail.

3) 2nd party agrees that the commission shall be accumulated by the 1st party and only be released upon completion of target or by sole discretion of the 1st party.

4) The target is 100 active lead within 1 to 2 months time period by the 2nd party.

5) 1st party has the rights to increase the time period or decrease the commission amount until the target is achieved.

6) 2nd party has to provide valid documents of his/her active profile generated through there system to gain commission from the 1st party.

7) 2nd party must maintain his/ her client database and keep it updated and must show the 1st party when asked.

8) 2nd party has the obligation to receive the  emi of loan amount of his/her client for 1st party.

9) in case 2nd party is not able to recover the loan emi then there are following steps to be taken :-

i) 1st emi failure – notice

ii) 2nd emi consecutive failure – reduction in commission.

iii) 3rd consecutive emi failure and henceforth:- total commission blocked.

10) if the 2nd party recovers the total amount of loan emi then his/her commission amount will be restored as previous structure.

11) the 2nd party must abide by the rules and regulations decided by the 1st party . Any changes in the rules and regulations will be duley noted to the 2nd party before application of it.

12) 2nd party has no right to receive cash directly from any active profile on behalf of 1st party.

13) In any odd situation the agent should contact to company member through telephone , mail or in person.

14) 1st party and 2nd party hereby pledge to Abide by the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement with due diligence and consciousness.

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